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In the industrial sector, it is important to understand the purpose of the facilities required to have a quality product that is effective. Rigorous project planning minimizes the impact of the work on your activities while ensuring compliance with pre-established work plan.

Groupe Bellus Construction works in close collaboration with architects and engineers to ensure that costs and time are minimized while providing you with quality installations that meet your needs.

Unigraph International, Delson



The challenge of the commercial sector is often to renovate, expand or build without penalizing operations. Our team can, through their expertise, help you meet the challenge. In the commercial sector, costs remain the crucial factor.

Groupe Bellus Construction is an agile entrepreneur. Doing business with our team ensures that there will always be a solution.

Automibile Endirect, Saint-Constant




For all your needs for condos, multiplex housing, semi-detached or town house a, Groupe Bellus Construction can carry out your project. Estimating costs and time will be the first step.


In the construction of condos, semi-detached or town houses, we understand that all of the housing units will not be necessarily identical.  This is why our team will be able to suggest you alternatives in order to minimized time and money while retaining the possibility of personalizing the finished product. 

Faubourg de la Gare, St-Hyacinthe

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