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Since its creation in 2005, Bellus Construction has quickly established itself as a one-stop shop for project management, flat rate construction, design-build and development.

This service proposal allows the team, which has multidisciplinary skills, to bring you a range of diversifies services and thus adapt to your needs.



Bellus Construction, with its multidisciplinary and experienced team, can manage your construction projects in harmony with all the partners involded.

The team will coordinate all work with subcontractors and the involvement of professionals to ensure compliance with deadlines and budget as well as the standards set by the construction industry.

Commonly refereed as cost plus in the industry, this service proposal is priced at the cost of the project plus a percentage of the cost of the project paid to the general contractor for the management.


You plan building a new project, an extension or renovate your existing building and you want a fixed price ? Bellus Construction is there to help you realize your project.

Our team of knowledgeable and qualified workers will construct your building according to plans and specifications, whether it is made of wood, concrete or steel.

Image de Scott Blake
Image de Jeriden Villegas


You have a project to carry out, your business has needs for expansion or renovations ? Bellus Construction, through its deign-build service, will support you in the realization of your project from it's inception.

In close collaboration with competent and reliable professionals and partners, our team will be able, from a meeting and a needs study of needs, to coordinate plans and specifications as well as supervise and manage the construction. Throughout the project, the client will participate in its evolution.


You have an idea of development for your land or for your building, Bellus Construction can help you realize it thanks to its experience in planning real estate development projects.

From the idea of development to the design, plans and specifications, from excavation to construction, your project will be in good hands and will meet all your expectations.

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